mag 14.000 - For suction lances and pipelines

patented system

Filters almost all dangerous metall residues out of bulk material.

Avoid plant shutdowns, reduce production costs!

MAG 14000

+ Less disruptions in production, resulting in considerable cost savings

+ Folding mechanism allows subsequent fastening on all non-magnetic pipes - in a matter of seconds

+ Residue-free cleaning, as ferritic components stick to the pipe and not directly to the magnet

+ Maintenance-free and long-living system since the magnets do not wear and do not come into contact with the bulk material

+ Scalable and mobile system, no energy source needed

Outer D (mm)

Art. Number
Width (mm)


MAG14000-0300-080 80

38.0 - 40.0

MAG14000-0400-080 80

45.0 - 50.0

MAG14000-0500-080 80

60.0 - 65.0

MAG14000-0603-080 80

75.0 - 80.0

MAG14000-0800-080 80

100.0 - 104.0

MAG14000-1040-080 80

Rod magnets - for hoppers and containers

Besides the MAG 14.000 magnet separator, we offer high-quality and durable NEODYM rod magnets, which are suitable for the application in hoppers and containers - deliverable in various dimensions and at short notice.

The rod magnets are also available with EASY-CLEAN function, which allows simple and quick removal of the adhering metal residues.