PIPE and HOSE systems for pneumatic conveying units and for chemical industry


Wear protection

Customized Conveying hoses - ready to use

Diverse Hose couplings and system components

>> in various Diameters

Products for bulk goods industry

Edelstahl-, Glas-, Aluminiumrohre, sämtliche Durchmesser

Edelstahl-Rohrbogen / Edelstahlrohbögen

Abzweigstück 45°/30°/Formteile/T-Stücke

Edelstahl Rohrkupplung bis D280,0mm


Sauglanzen/Ansauglanzen in Aluminium/Edelstahl

Förderschläuche, Camlock-Kupplungen, Storz

Glasrohrbögen, Glas-Rohrbogen, Verschleißfeste Rohrbogen,

Magnet separator MAG 14.000

For suction lances and pipelines

Neuartiger Magnetabschieder für Sauglanzen

Nearly complete removal of hazardous metal residues from bulk material

- less disruptions in production, resulting in considerable cost savings

- maintenance-free and long-living system, since the magnets do not wear and do not come into contact with the bulk material

- folding mechanism allows subsequent fastening on all non-magentic pipes - in a matter of seconds

- residue-free cleaning, as ferritic components stick to the pipe and not directly to the magnet

- scalable and mobile system, as no energy source is needed

Delivery program for pneumatic conveying systems

The Michel Tube Engineering GmbH has specialized in production and in sales and distribution of components in the field of material handling technology.


 + We offer tubular products needed for the construction of conveying systems - from stock in most common sizes of plastic or injection moulding industry.

+ We offer advice as competent development and production partner and manufacture your specific product.

+ We supply innovative products in outstanding quality and a convincing price-performance ratio - even at small quantaties.

+ We promise professional and expeditious handling of your request.

Couplings for high pressures and liquids

  • with axial tensile strength
  • in stainless steel 1.4404 / 1.4571
  • 16 to 70 bar

Products for chemical industry

Dry couplings and PTFE hoses

About our company

The Michel Tube Engineering GmbH has specialized in production as well as in sales and distribution of components required for pneumatic conveying systems.


Our core competencies are innovative products in the field of wear technology, stainless steel pipes, stainless steel pipe bends, glass pipe bends, stainless steel pipe couplings, pipe fitttings and coupling stations..

WHo are we?

The name as well as the brand Michel Tube stand for a reliable partner and supplier in the field of pneumatic conveyance technology.


Due to the systematical optimization of our products as well as to the implementation of a lean manufacturing, we succeed in offering "cross selling" of all kinds of components at a compatible price-performance ratio.

WHo are we looking for?

Our customers mainly include companies in the field of bulk goods handling, which deal with storage, drying, conveying, mixing and dosing free-flowing materials and powders.


Feel free to send us your inquiry!


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